Artists of Sonoma


Videos by and about artists from Sonoma County, California.

See also animated film and clips on the market.

John Lasseter - A Day in a Life - Full Length Documentary
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Charles "Sparky" Schulz Draws Charlie Brown (Official Video)
Charles "Sparky" Schulz talks about Charlie Brown as he draws him playing the piano in this official video clip from the never released documentary,
Interview with Charles M. Schulz
Interview on December 14, 1999 that finishes drawing the final times of "PEANUTS" by Schultz who died on February 12, 2000 and does retirement
Explore Sonoma Valley
Explore all there is to do and see in Sonoma Valley from wine tasting to dining and history to hiking and everything in between.
John Lasseter - The golden rules for a great film, according to Mr. Pixar
The co-funder and Chief Creative Officer of Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios explains how a masterpiece of animation is created, from the drawing
Why it's Totally Awesome to Be Crazy!
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Berman Steam
Ken Berman has a line of really Cool Skateboards at check out our web sites This is the first collaboration Between Rival Stag
Spirit Carver - Takayuki Zoshi
Introducing Takayuki Zoshi, a Japanese wood carver based in Sebastopol, California. His career extends over 30 years. His artwork is rooted in the Buddhism
AATS Artist Talk: Jerry Kermode
Artists from the the Art at the Source (AATS) Open Studios talk about their life and art. AATS is a yearly Open Studios held
Patrick Amiot, Sebastopol California, Sculptor Florence Street KAZAMOZE
Patrick Amiot, Sebastopol California, Sculptor Florence Street, KAZAMOZE
Anina Porter Fuller, Noted Sonoma Artist
Anina has been in Sonoma since 1997, painting, teaching, and mentoring. She's the niece of Fairfield Porter, the artist, and Eliot Porter, the photographer--both
John Chambers pottery
JOHN CHAMBERS Salt-Glazed Ceramics & Functional Stoneware photography, videography and editing by Hillary Lynne music composed by Corelli
Victor Ries @ 100 - Artistry in Metal
Metal artist Victor Ries had his 100th birthday in October 2007. His works are rooted in the German tradition of fine craftsmanship and
Barbara Jacobsen Interview
Barbara Jacobsen, Treasure Artist 2012 (Sonoma) is interviewed about her long career as a collage artist and painter. Included are collages by artists whom
Linus Maurer, Treasure Artist, Sonoma
Linus Maurer is a longtime syndicated cartoonist. Retired, he still draws the Editorial cartoon for the local newspaper, The Sonoma Index-Tribune. His many oil