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Sonoma artist Caitlin McCarthy creates original drawings of mythic, Celtic and romantic subjects.

Charlotte Rose Dressen
Charlotte Rose Studio

The Sonoma Valley photographer Charlotte Dressen offers an assortment of photography of the wine county, Bay Area, Pacific Ocean, nature and food.

Erik Chipchase
Mercenary Graphics
artist, illustrator

Erik Chipchase is known for artworks in letterpress, hot metal type, silkscreen and digital media. His subject matters often reflect his love for fin de siecle posters, early 20th century advertising, military subject matters, and historical detail.

James Reynolds

James Reynolds creates oil paintings and pastels of landscapes, wildlife and portraits.

Jessica Jones
Sister Rose Hats
millenery artist

Jessica Jones of Sister Rose Hata is a Sonoma County millinery artist, who makes women’s and men’s hats from felt or straw using traditional millinery techniques.

Jonathan Nalywaiko

Jonathan Nalywaiko makes shabby chic, unique items and home decor crafts, out of reclaimed materials, and sells them at Attic22, his Etsy shop. His favorite materials are wood, wine barrels, license plates, and reclaimed fences.

Karen Ellen Arendell

Karen Ellen Arendell is an artist who paints symbolic and expressive paintings and signage. She has a background in design, fine art, photography, writing and art direction. Her favorite materials include acrylic, watercolor, ink, marker, pencil, paper, metal, and wood.

Kate Williams
Across the Street Photography

Kate Williams from Across the Street Photography specializes in landscape photos of Sonoma County and the Pacific Coast.

Kathleen Fitzpatrick
Wild Inspiration Art
artist, photographer

Sonoma County artist Kathleen Fitzpatrick creates nature photography of the wine country, and colorful, original landscapes and abstract acrylic paintings.

Kristel Phears
jewelry artist, photographer

Kristel Phears is an artist of fine jewelry and also a photographer, who has a store on Etsy and accepts custom orders for everyday or bridal occasions. Her favorite materials are gold, sterling, fine silver, gemstones, natural stones, copper, and crystal. She also creates fine art photography of the natural world.

Kristin Meuser
artist, art teacher

The artist Kristin Meuser paints landscapes, most often outdoors and on location throughout California and the Southwest. She also teaches classes on nature journaling with watercolors.

Linda Donohue
artist, home designer

Linda Donohue is a fine artist who grew up at Muir Beach and in the Napa Valley, now residing in Sonoma County. Her acrylics, figurative paintings and encaustic works are often inspired by the Northern California terrain and horses. She is also the president of the Petaluma Arts Association, and the founder of COCA the Coalition of California Artists, a group marketing to the home furnishings industry Linda studied fine art at CCSF and graphic design at Platt College in San Francisco. She worked many years as a designer in the furniture business, as featured on HGTV and Extreme Makeover.

Lyn Swan
ceramic artist

Lyn Swan creates handmade porcelain artware, as well as festive tableware and whimsical, playful “happy pots”.

Maggie Henry
The Painted Spirit

Maggie Henry is an acrylic and watercolor painter, and a collage and mixed media artist. Her Etsy store, The Painted Spirit, offers her mixed media art and watercolors.

Mel Gross

Mel Gross creates Sonoma County-inspired art, nature photography, and apparel.

Melinda Talbot
Blue Banana Studio
jewelry artisy

Melinda Talbot creates original jewelry designs with semiprecious stones, sterling silver and workable metals.

Natalie Eberly
Fiddle and Fern Arts
artist, textile artist

Natalie Eberly is a Sonoma artist of hand painted silk scarves and fine art prints.

Pip Marquez de la Plata
Foxglove Sonoma
textile designer

Pip Marquez de la Plata of Foxglove Sonoma offers you premium quality, originally designed pillows for the home. The Etsy shop offers a selection of hand sewn decorative throw pillows featuring the latest decor trends. Foxglove Sonoma uses only high quality fabrics such as organic cotton, linen, and suede.

Rochelle Byrne
Sonoma Jewelry Art
jewelry artist

Rochelle Byrne offers handcrafted metalwork, crocheted and beaded Jewelry from her Etsy store, Sonoma Jewelry Art: handcrafted, distinctive jewelry, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. “We pride ourselves in using only the finest materials and we recycle and reuse whenever possible.”

Rod Surber
Salvage Woodworks

Rod Surber makes bowls, chalices, goblets, vases, boxes, kitchenware and other wooden gift items in functional and sculptural designs. His wood turnings are hand-crafted from locally salvaged timbers.

Roxanna Ahlborn
textile artist

Roxanna Ahlborn creates finely hand-painted purses and accessories, known as wearable art and fiber graphics, and also limited edition art prints. “All of my handpainted purses are one of a kind pieces of art.” Roxy attended the California College of Arts and is a native of Sonoma County.

Shanea Thompson
Sissy Roo’s Closet
textile artist

Sissy Roo’s Closet is a sweet and sassy boutique that offers Shanea Thompson’s crafts: girls custom clothing, fun hair accessories, and rhinestone bling t-shirts. Favorite materials include felt, cotton, fleece, and ribbons.

Sharon McAuley
ceramic artist

Sharon McAuley designs and creates low fire and porcelain ceramics. She sells her works on Etsy.

Sonja Roberts
Couturier Faerie Verte
costume designer, dressmaker

As a costume designer, Sonja Roberts appreciates the fabric, line and details of antique fashion. She also repurposes vintage clothes into “dreamy art jackets.” Sonja has a Masters in Costume Design and a background in theater.

Susie Edson
Bungalow Bunny
textile artist

Susie Edson of Bungalow Bunny, an Etsy store, is a textile artist who designs and creates hand-made original designs, passionate pillows, linens and textiles.”I’ve been collecting Antique and Vintage textiles for decades. My materials are the finest quality, rare and gorgeous. With them I create lovely handmade pillows and linens, and sometimes clothing and other useful items.”

Suzi Eszterhas
Baby Animal Prints

Suzi Eszterhas is an award-winning wildlife photographer of Sonoma Many of her baby animal photos are available at Etsy. Her photography has been featured in TIME Magazine,,, Ranger Rick Magazine, National Geographic Kids Magazine, Smithsonian Magazine, and BBC Wildlife Magazine.

Suzi Eszterhas is the photographer of the new book, A Future for Cheetahs. To bring this book to market,  the writer Dr. Laurie Marker and wildlife photographer Suzi Eszterhas have teamed up to bring you the most intimate portrait yet of the world’s fastest land animal, the cheetah. It is the story of the cheetah’s race against extinction, illustrated with some of the rarest and most beautiful images yet of the wild cheetah.

See also the  animal photography books by Suzi Eszterhas.

Tammi Young
French Robin Designs
jewelry artist

Jewelry designer Tammi Young creates gold, silver and gemstone earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.