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Barbara Hoffmann
ceramic artist, sculptor

Barbara Hoffmann has worked for 40 years with pottery and sculptural stoneware. She specializes in high, gas fired, reduction stoneware, as well as wood-fire, salt glaze, porcelain, earthenware and Raku.

ceramic artist

Beverly Prevost is a clay artist who specializes in stoneware, pottery, handmade dinnerware, and handmade vessels. She graduated from the University of Georgia with an MFA in Ceramics and has lived in the Sonoma Valley since 1970. She is also a founding member of the Arts Guild of Sonoma and the Sonoma Valley Jazz Society.

Caryn Fried
Valley of the Moon Pottery
ceramic artist

The Sonoma artist Caryn Freid is known for sculptural ceramics, as well as functional and decorative pottery. She studied many years at the Pond Fond Colony with Marguerite Wildenhain.

Cheryl Costantini
Nichibei Potters
ceramic artist

The ceramic artist Cheryl Costantini of Nichibei Potters specializes in “elegant handmade pottery that blends traditional Japanese folk art designs with a distinctly contemporary flair.”

Gerald Arrington
ceramic artist

Gerald Arrington creates stoneware, wheel-thrown and altered ceramics that are inspired by nature. His work includes sculptural teapots, vases, urns, fountains and reflection bowls.

Greg Zirbel
artist, photographer

Greg Zirbel is a Northern California photographer and folk artist, known for detailed birdhouses and bird feeders. Many of the birdhouses are replicas of prominent landmarks, historical buildings and wineries throughout Sonoma County. His photography is about the natural beauty of Northern California and the Wine Country in particular.

Hugh Buttrum

Hugh Buttrum masters woodturning, a form of woodworking that is used to create wooden objects such as bowls and housewares using a lathe.

James Fox
River Pottery
ceramic artist

James Fox, teamed up with Kathleen Fox, creates hand thrown pottery and ceramic art, of exceptional character, design, and quality. Stoneware and Raku pottery.

Jerry Kermode
Wood Turnings

Jerry Kermode describes his art as “woodturning: artistic and functional.” He scouts out native wood, and turns them into organic vessels that emphasize the natural grains, using lathe and sandpaper. Partner Deborah Kermode administers the final finish with steel wool and beeswax. Jerry has a background in carpentry and Victorian home restoration.

ceramic artist, potter

John Chambers is a ceramic artist who specializes in salted, glazed and functional stoneware.

Jonathan Nalywaiko

Jonathan Nalywaiko makes shabby chic, unique items and home decor crafts, out of reclaimed materials, and sells them at Attic22, his Etsy shop. His favorite materials are wood, wine barrels, license plates, and reclaimed fences.

Kathleen Fox
River Pottery
ceramic artist

Kathleen Fox, teamed up with James Fox, creates hand thrown pottery and ceramic art, of exceptional character, design, and quality, stoneware and Raku pottery.

Liz Russell
R Honey Pots
ceramic artist

Liz Russell creates the ceramic series R Honey Pots: “Functional ceramics: high-fired stoneware, handcrafted and hand painted original pieces. They are microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe.”

Lyn Swan
ceramic artist

Lyn Swan creates handmade porcelain artware, as well as festive tableware and whimsical, playful “happy pots”.

ceramic artist

Marge Margulies Pottery creates lively and colorful centerpieces in fine porcelain, server sets and table ware.

Mikio Matsumoto
Nichibei Potters
ceramic artist

Mikio Matsumoto, a ceramic artist at Nichibei Potters, specializes in “elegant handmade pottery that blends traditional Japanese folk art designs with a distinctly contemporary flair.”

Three Dog Pottery
ceramic artist, potter

Nancy Morgan creates wheel-thrown and utilitarian stoneware. Her studio and gallery Thee Dog Pottery is located in Healdsburg, California.

Pip Marquez de la Plata
Foxglove Sonoma
textile designer

Pip Marquez de la Plata of Foxglove Sonoma offers you premium quality, originally designed pillows for the home. The Etsy shop offers a selection of hand sewn decorative throw pillows featuring the latest decor trends. Foxglove Sonoma uses only high quality fabrics such as organic cotton, linen, and suede.

Ralph Ramirez

Ralph Ramirez, the craftsman and wood artist, produces “one-of-a-kind decorator and functional bowls, vases, platters, and vessels turned from beautiful Northern California woods; maple burl, redwood burl, black oak burl, walnut burl, and many others.”

Rod Surber
Salvage Woodworks

Rod Surber makes bowls, chalices, goblets, vases, boxes, kitchenware and other wooden gift items in functional and sculptural designs. His wood turnings are hand-crafted from locally salvaged timbers.

Sharon McAuley
ceramic artist

Sharon McAuley designs and creates low fire and porcelain ceramics. She sells her works on Etsy.

Susie Edson
Bungalow Bunny
textile artist

Susie Edson of Bungalow Bunny, an Etsy store, is a textile artist who designs and creates hand-made original designs, passionate pillows, linens and textiles.”I’ve been collecting Antique and Vintage textiles for decades. My materials are the finest quality, rare and gorgeous. With them I create lovely handmade pillows and linens, and sometimes clothing and other useful items.”

Wayne Reynolds
Valley of the Moon Pottery
artist, ceramic artist

Wayne Reynolds creates ceramic art, pottery, Sonoma area landscape paintings, and abstract paintings. He has been a full time artist ever since his training at the Pond Farm Colony under the master potter Marquerite Wildenhain.