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Brian Martinelli
artist, sculptor

Brian Martinelli is a mixed-media artist who specializes in sculpture, particularly metal fabrication. He often uses recycled steel as a foundation for his work, using the metal as a framework or skeleton for other media.

Christine Gonzalves
artist, jewelry artist

Christine Gonzalves has been a Sonoma Valley resident, jewelry artist and mixed media artist since the early 1970’s. She is currently the President of the Arts Guild of Sonoma. Christine’s roots are in photography and ceramics. She works with encaustics, etched metals, cast silver, textiles and precious stones. Her art can be found year round at the Sonoma Art Guild off the Sonoma Plaza.

Colin J. Lambert

Colin J. Lambert (1948-2015) was known for sculpture that is figurative, representational, classical and decorative. He created figurative bronzes, carved marble, stone sculptures, fountains, and garden works. He had a studio in Valley Ford, Western Sonoma. He studied at the Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles and in Europe. A quote from the artist: “Being an artist becomes a vehicle for the spiritual journey, each piece a milestone, marker or souvenir.

Don Ajello

The Sonoma County artist Don Ajello creates sculptures in bronze and wood, ceramics, and mixed media art.


Ellie Portner is an artist of graphite drawings, oil painting, monoprints, paper collages, welded steel, and other mixed media.

Jan Schultz

Jan Schultz, Sonoma County artist, is known for vintage and re-purposed welded metal sculptures, and yard art.

Mardi Storm
artist, sculptor

Mardi Storm is a west Sonoma artist who enjoys painting, nature photography, mixed media, and creating large scale sculpture that merges life with art. She also offers “soul painting” workshops for artists.

Martin Munson
artist, sculptor

Martin Munson’s metal art contrasts natural and man-made forms. He uses a combination of forms and materials in his furniture and artworks, often working with the recycled or second hand. Martin has a M.F.A. in Sculpture from Southern Illinois University, and B.A. in Sculpture from Sonoma State University. He also attended the Academy of Art College in San Francisco.

Michelle Hoting
jewelry artist

Michelle Hoting creates jewelry and small metal arts with organic designs in recycled silver and stone.

Patrick Amiot
artist, sculptor

Patrick Amiot is a Sebastopol sculptor and metal artist who uses found objects to create whimsical sculpture “junk art”. Many are on display in the downtown streets of Sebastopol. In fact his work has become one of Sebastopol’s tourist attractions. Before taking up junk art, Patrick was a ceramic artist.

Phil Leech
Leech Studios
jewelry artists

At Leech Studios, Phil and Ann create jewelry designs with silver, gold, and select stones. Both are natives of Indiana with degrees from the University of Cincinnati, School of Design, Art & Architecture. Phil also creates wood and metal sculptures, pottery and architecture.

Rick Butler

Rick Butler is a metal artist whose interest in welding led to his current interest in making metal totems, garden sculptures and garden panels. He often uses dissimilar metals, and organic materials in his artwork.

sculptor, mixed media artist

Susandra Spicer-Philpott is a Sonoma County artist of sculptures and abstract assemblages, using metal and mixed media.

Victor Ries
metal artist, jewelry artist

Victor Ries (1907-2013), the metal artist and jewelry designer, emigrated from Berlin, Germany to Northern California during World War II. He was one of the metal artists and teachers of the Pond Farm Artist Colony in Sonoma County. He is recognized in the Jewish-American Hall of Fame. He taught at the College of Marin, the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland and Saint Mary’s College in Moraga.