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Ann Leech
Leech Studios
jewelry artist, printmaker

At Leech Studios, Phil and Ann create jewelry designs with silver, gold, and select stones. Ann is a native of Indiana with a degree from the University of Cincinnati, School of Design, Art & Architecture. Ann is also an interior designer, painter and printmaker.

Barbara Kelley
Moon Catcher Studios
artist, printmaker

Barbara Kelley is known for printmaking, monoprints, engravings, oil paintings, and encaustics. She owns and works from the Moon Catcher Studios at The Sea Ranch and Santa Rosa, California.

Diana Lee
artist, etcher

Diana Lee (died 2016) created fine art scratchboard renderings, and taught for the International Society of Scratchboard Artists. Her etchings are on white kaolin clay (porcelain) and sprayed with a layer of thin black ink.

Lee also wrote the book Starting From Scratchabout her techniques with black and white and color scratchboaring.

Don Van Amerongen

The artwork of Don Van Amerongen is influenced by art history, music and travel. Art history gives him perspective and music often matches his personal energy while he works. Living and traveling in several cultures, Don has developed compassion and empathy for other peoples, cultures and experiences, and “the gift of seeing another perspective”

Don has a BFA in painting from the San Francisco Art Institute, and also studied painting and printmaking at Sonoma State University. He also holds a BFA in Graphic Design from the Kendall School of Design, Michigan.


Ellie Portner is an artist of graphite drawings, oil painting, monoprints, paper collages, welded steel, and other mixed media.

Erik Chipchase
Mercenary Graphics
artist, illustrator

Erik Chipchase is known for artworks in letterpress, hot metal type, silkscreen and digital media. His subject matters often reflect his love for fin de siecle posters, early 20th century advertising, military subject matters, and historical detail.

Erik Paul
printmaker, etcher

Erik Paul is known for pop art painting as well as printmaking, etchings and block prints. He has a background in graphic design and sign making, and incorporates sign making techniques into his art, to develop printmaking in novel ways.

artist, printmaker

Gen Zorich is a Sonoma County painter and printmaker and produces Sonoma area landscapes and abstracts.

Harry Frank
artist, art teacher, printmaker

Harry Frank came from New York City to settle in Sonoma County. As an artist and high school art teacher, he specializes in ink monotypes and printmaking. A quote from the artist: “I’m interested in how the mythic and the mundane can exist in one image.”

Holly Jordan

The Sonoma artist Holly Jordan creates paintings and monotypes, using Xerox transfer, dry point, chin colle and mixed media. Holly studied at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco.

Jeremy Joan Hewes
photographer, printmaker

Jeremy Joan Hewes specializes in photography and printmaking. She was a founding member of Riverfront Gallery in Petaluma, CA, and is currently a gallery artist at Healdsburg Center for the Arts in Healdsburg, CA. She is also a writer and author of seven books.

Laurie Szujewska
printmaker, typographer, graphic designer

Laurie Szujewska is a printmaker who works with shapes and color. The shape may be as familiar as a letterform where the question is how do we look anew at things so familiar to us that they are almost invisible? Or the shape may be abstract, suggesting something familiar yet unnameable. The element of color is added thru a process of printing which is open and fluid, allowing for chance and surprise.

She currently teaches in the design school at University of California, Davis. She was an Art Director at Adobe Systems, and later had her own design studio specializing in typography. She currently operates Ensatina Press, a letterpress studio dedicated to printmaking.

Mary Lee Rybar

Mary Lee Rybar is a painter, printmaker and lifelong student of the culinary arts and making things. Born in a Western Pennsylvania steel town, she attended Kent State University and the American School of Paris. She started Hunter Designs, producing custom hand painted textiles for a small stable of retailers. Her work ranges from abstract and representational paintings, to printmaking and sculpture. She maintains a printmaking studio at the Grove Street Studios in Sonoma and a home site painting studio.

artist, printmaker

The artist Micah Schwaberow is known for his color woodblock prints, painting and gourd-making. The artist combines traditional Japanese and western techniques into his work. In fact, Micah has demonstrated the traditional art of moku-hanga, woodblock printing for the de Young Museum, Legion of Honor, San Francisco: “Much of his paper work, mainly the woodblock prints, appeared in some precious editions of typographic books, including Tuolumne, Book I, which received the highest award during festivities at Yosemite National Park.

Rik Olson
illustrator, engraver

Rik Olson specializes in wood engravings, scratchboard, linocut and pen and ink illustration.

Sophie Acheson

Sophie Acheson works primarily in printmaking, handmade papers and the book arts. Her miniature gold leaf paintings are created with oil paint and 23K gold leaf on dyed handmade paper.

Willow LaLand-Yeilding

Willow LaLand-Yeiling specializes in realistic oil paintings, and fauve wine-themed pieces. She works in acrylics, oils, watercolor, pen and ink, etchings and graphite.