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Abby Bard
textile artist, weaver

Abby Bard creates handwoven clothing out of rayon, chenille, cotton, silk and wool yarns, in uniquely blended colors.

Anji Bartholf
textile artist

Anji Bartholf is an artist who weaves contemporary abstract tapestries on a six foot countermarche Cranbrook floor loom in her Sonoma studio. This slow, accumulative process imbues each piece with a sense of rhythms and cycles, of time and season, of growth and change.

Carol Larson
textile artist

Carol Larson is a textile artist who incorporates a variety of cloth, vintage linens, dye, paint, wax, technological processes and stitch into her textile artworks.

Fred Vedder
artist, textile artist, visual arts educator

Fred Vedder specializes in encaustic and natural fiber art, photography and multi-media drawing. He was born and raised in Los Angeles, before settling in Sonoma County, California. He works as a visual arts instructor at Roseland University Prep (RUP), and has an art studio in the arts district of Santa Rosa.

Hetty Herman-Minsk
jewelry artist

Hetty Herman-Minsk is a California artist of handcrafted, custom-designed fine silver jewelry pendants and earrings that are embellished with garnets, sapphires and pearls. She is also a weaver and ceramicist.

Jessica Jones
Sister Rose Hats
millenery artist

Jessica Jones of Sister Rose Hata is a Sonoma County millinery artist, who makes women’s and men’s hats from felt or straw using traditional millinery techniques.

artist, weaver

The artist Karen Spratt is known for her paintings of fanciful compositions and weaving wool rugs.

Louisa Comora
leather artist

Louisa Comora designs bags, purses, and wallets. Her brand name is BOHLUX, which stands for Bohemian Luxury. BOHLUX provides handcrafted, “one beautiful piece at a time”, couture handbags and leather accessories.

Marta Shannon
textile artist

Marta Shannon is known for her fiber arts, handwoven scarves, shawls, cowls and ponchos. She has a weaving studio in Petaluma, California.

Mel Gross

Mel Gross creates Sonoma County-inspired art, nature photography, and apparel.

Michel Stong
artist, graphic designer

Michel Stong is an artist and product designer who has illustrated book covers and interior book illustrations, wine labels, fine food labels, and business identities. You can find her art and designs on products from Clay Company, beverage flasks at Tota+Able (now Capabunga), and linen dresses for Paper & Fog.

Michele Rosett

Michele Rosett is a Sonoma County artist of abstracts, landscapes, wildlife and musical narratives. She grew up in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and worked as a clothing designer and business owner for 20 years, before dedicating her time to fine art.

Natalie Eberly
Fiddle and Fern Arts
artist, textile artist

Natalie Eberly is a Sonoma artist of hand painted silk scarves and fine art prints.

Robyn Spencer-Crompton
Crompton Design
ceramic artist, costume designer, teacher

Robyn Spencer-Crompton is a mosaic artist, inspired. Her work is featured in the book, Mosaic Art and Style by Joanne Locktov. She also teaches fashion design and costume design at the Santa Rosa Junior College and Diablo Community college.

See also Peter Crompton.

Roxanna Ahlborn
textile artist

Roxanna Ahlborn creates finely hand-painted purses and accessories, known as wearable art and fiber graphics, and also limited edition art prints. “All of my handpainted purses are one of a kind pieces of art.” Roxy attended the California College of Arts and is a native of Sonoma County.

Shanea Thompson
Sissy Roo’s Closet
textile artist

Sissy Roo’s Closet is a sweet and sassy boutique that offers Shanea Thompson’s crafts: girls custom clothing, fun hair accessories, and rhinestone bling t-shirts. Favorite materials include felt, cotton, fleece, and ribbons.

Sonja Roberts
Couturier Faerie Verte
costume designer, dressmaker

As a costume designer, Sonja Roberts appreciates the fabric, line and details of antique fashion. She also repurposes vintage clothes into “dreamy art jackets.” Sonja has a Masters in Costume Design and a background in theater.

Susie Edson
Bungalow Bunny
textile artist

Susie Edson of Bungalow Bunny, an Etsy store, is a textile artist who designs and creates hand-made original designs, passionate pillows, linens and textiles.”I’ve been collecting Antique and Vintage textiles for decades. My materials are the finest quality, rare and gorgeous. With them I create lovely handmade pillows and linens, and sometimes clothing and other useful items.”

textile artist, jewelry artist

Theodora Elston is a textile artist who creates fiber arts and jewelry. She is known best for floral depictions in fiber. Theodora has been featured in Ornament magazine and the Fiberarts magazine, and her work is in the Smithsonian Museum.

textile artist

Trude Guermonprez (1910-1976) born Gertrud Jalowetz, was a textile artist born in Danzig, Poland,  emigrated to California and became one of the textile artists of the Pond Farm Artist Colony of Sonoma County. She also served as chair of the craft department at the California College of Arts and Crafts, and worked at Oakland College.