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Recommended books about the Art and Style of Sonoma Wine Country:

Sonoma Coast (Images of Modern America)

Sonoma Coast (Images of Modern America)

by Simone Wilson

price: $12.76

Fifty miles north of San Francisco, the Sonoma Coast is far removed from city life. Nearly two-thirds of its coastline is state and county parks, the southern half featuring sandy beaches, coastal terraces, and the fishing port of Bodega Bay. North of the Russian River are wooded cliffs and rugged coves that are ideal for hiking and diving. The Sonoma Coast is home to people who treasure their small, independent communities and who work hard to provide both a livelihood and a unique cultural landscape, from arts festivals to farmers markets.

Discovering Mission San Francisco de Solano (California Missions)

Discovering Mission San Francisco de Solano (California Missions)

by Oscar Cantillo

price: $27.98

Learn about the rich history of Mission San Francisco de Solano: how it started, the people who ran it, the indigenous population, and its legacy today.

Mission San Francisco de Solano (Missions of California)

Mission San Francisco de Solano (Missions of California)

by Allison Stark Draper, A. S. Draper

price: $531.01

Discusses the founding, building, operation, and closing of the Spanish mission in California’s Valley of the Moon and its role in California history.

Cellaring Wine: A Complete Guide to Selecting, Building, and Managing Your Wine Collection

Cellaring Wine: A Complete Guide to Selecting, Building, and Managing Your Wine Collection

by Jeff Cox

price: $11.89

Enjoy the rich and complex flavors of wine that’s been matured to its peak. In this comprehensive guide, Jeff Cox provides everything you need to know to build and maintain your own wine cellar. Whether you’re thinking of storing a few extra bottles in a spare closet or are looking to properly age a garage full of wine, you’ll find straightforward advice and helpful hints on successful cellaring techniques. Build and delight in your collection of wine while learning how to bring out the full potential of every bottle. 

The Wine Lover's Coloring Book

The Wine Lover’s Coloring Book

by Louise Wilson

price: $28.80

The Wine Lover’s Coloring Book is the perfect gift for the wine lover in your life. Beginners and sommeliers alike will love this fun and informative approach to learning about wine. Tour the wine regions of the world through beautiful full color maps, and then test your knowledge by coloring your own map. Wine education is now approachable for everyone.

Sonoma Wine Tour: The Civilized Traveler's Guide

Sonoma Wine Tour: The Civilized Traveler’s Guide

by Mildred Howie

price: $12.95

An authoritative directory of Sonoma County wineries, this is the only reference travelers to the area need to have at their side. With detailed road and city maps that show the exact locations of each winery, this book also features food critiques of the area’s most noteworthy restaurants as well as reviews of local inns, resorts, health spas, campgrounds, and unique bed and breakfast accommodations. A special section on the area’s events and adventures is also included.

Napa Valley & Sonoma: Heart of the California Wine Country

Napa Valley & Sonoma: Heart of the California Wine Country

by Virginie Boone

price: $101.45

This award-winning book takes the reader through the breathtaking vineyards and quaint charm of California’s renowned wine region. A listing of wineries and tasting rooms is included, along with reproductions of the region’s legendary wine labels.

Sonoma County Wineries   (CA)  (Images of America)

Sonoma County Wineries (CA) (Images of America)

by Thomas Maxwell-Long

price: $14.52

As early as the California Gold Rush of the mid-19th century, the first settlers of Sonoma County recognized that the rich soil and unique array of climates of the region’s valleys were particularly conducive for the ages-old livelihood of viticulture. Beginning in 1857 with Buena Vista Winery, Sonoma became one of the preeminent winemaking regions in the world. Chronicled here in over 200 vintage images is Sonoma’s wine producing history, covering its many wineries, vineyards, towns, and townsfolk that grew up alongside the development of this fantastic agricultural enterprise.

The first Sonoma Country venture was Buena Vista Winery, founded in 1857 by the eccentric Count Agoston Haraszthy. Since then, and over the course of the next 150 years, hundreds of wineries would dot the landscape; while some succeeded and lasted through the years, others fell in the face of life’s trials, including earthquakes, wildfires, and Prohibition. Covering three centuries of award-winning winemaking, this new book captures in photographs the history of some of the world’s most famous wineries, their proprietors, workers, and families, including those from Korbel, Geyser Peak, Simi, Sebastiani, Pedroncelli, Orr, Seghesio, and Ravenswood.

Sonoma: The Ultimate Winery Guide Second Edition

Sonoma: The Ultimate Winery Guide Second Edition

by Heidi H. Cusick-Dickerson, Richard Gilette, Rodney Strong

price: $4.95

Spilling over with spectacular vistas and practical information, Sonoma is the ultimate guide to one of California’s premier wine regions. This new edition is fully updated, including five new winery profiles as well as a fresh new cover and interior design. Renowned wine and food writer Heidi H. Cusick-Dickerson reveals which wineries have the best gardens, the most informative tours, and the most magnificent views. She also highlights the best season to visit each site and offers insightful information on winemaking and local history. Sidebars outline directions, visiting hours, and winery highlights, and a detailed map is printed on the inside covers of the book, making for easy navigation. Illustrated with Richard Gillette’s stunning, full-color photography, Sonoma: The Ultimate Winery Guide is both a practical guide to the region and a beautiful keepsake.

The Valley of the Moon (1913)  by:Jack London

The Valley of the Moon (1913) by:Jack London

by Jack London

price: $11.50

The Valley of the Moon (1913) is a novel by American writer Jack London (as well as the mythic and romantic name for the wine-growing Sonoma Valley of California). The valley where it is set is located north of the San Francisco Bay Area in Sonoma County, California where Jack London was a resident; he built his ranch in Glen Ellen.The novel The Valley of the Moon is a story of a working-class couple, Billy and Saxon Roberts, struggling laborers in Oakland at the Turn-of-the-Century, who left city life behind and searched Central and Northern California for suitable farmland to own. The book is notable for its scenes in which the proletarian hero enjoys fellowship with the artists’ colony in Carmel, and he settles in the Valley of the Moon.

The Last Mission

The Last Mission


price: $0.99

The Secret of Inner Presence: Keys to Awaken Inner Presence, To Transform Your Life and the Global Community

The Secret of Inner Presence: Keys to Awaken Inner Presence, To Transform Your Life and the Global Community

by Lin Lipetz

price: $16.95

The Secret of Inner Presence begins with author Lin Lipetz’s story of her spontaneous spiritual awakening in 1986. This amazing and unexpected event created an immediate awareness of a loving Inner Presence within her heart and a connection to another higher level of peace, contentment, and greater knowledge. She now knows that Inner Presence waits patiently to manifest within each person, and much of The Secret of Inner Presence is about providing the keys to bring about that shift in consciousness. As each of the eleven keys is practiced and experienced, the transformation toward a more complete understanding of the core-self will gradually evolve through the loving guidance of the conscious Universe. One of the eleven keys opens the way to intuitively listen to the many voices that will assist in this transformation – through healing, new insights, dreams, problem solving, and caring advice. Another key opens the way to deepen intuitively to the level of receiving messages from the Universe and possibly finding the guides that have been available since birth. This process is called Stream of Consciousness writing, and the powerful dialogues and inspirational poems the author has received in this way for many years are found in each chapter. Chapter by chapter, each of the eleven keys is presented, by both the spiritual Universe and the author, to help guide the reader to a higher dimension of the self.

Living Into Art: Journeys Through Collage

Living Into Art: Journeys Through Collage

by Lindsay Whiting

price: $24.95

Stories of personal breakthroughs and transformation show how people with little or no art background can create successful and satisfying artwork with cut-magazine collage. Through the candid and profound profiles of ten collage artists, Living into Art outlines a unique process that can be used for inner growth, activating imagination, and living a more psychologically- and spiritually-engaged life. The book makes a powerful case for art as a tool for living, and a satisfying read for both artists and armchair enthusiasts alike. Studio Clips exercises at the end of each chapter invite readers to try their hand at collage using simple and direct instructions.

Mosaic Art and Style: Designs for Living Environments

Mosaic Art and Style: Designs for Living Environments

by JoAnn Locktov

price: $9.19

New in Paperback! Mosaic ideas for every room

Mosaic Art and Style is a celebration of how mosaics can be integrated into our environments. Author JoAnn Locktov explores our fascination with mosaic art and illustrates how artists have crafted architectural installations as well as decorative and functional objects that have added immeasurably to living spaces. Readers will enjoy seeing how mosaic art can be applied to every surface imaginable. Mosaic Art and Style tells the story of how the projects were conceived and fabricated from the artists’ points of view.

Locktov has forged special relationships with a multitude of artists, who have allowed her to feature their work in Mosaic Art and Style. Through these relationships, she takes the reader into the world of the artist and gives readers a behind-the-scenes pass into the artists’ workshops, where she shares their personal thoughts about the creation and inspiration that imbues their work.

Imagery: Art for Wine

Imagery: Art for Wine

by Bob Nugent

price: $70.00

In 1985, winemaker Joe Benziger and Sonoma artist Bob Nugent struck on the idea of putting original art on special releases of Imagery Estate wines. The goal was straight-forward: commission the world’s modern art luminaries to create works for reproduction onto wine labels. Two decades and 160 labels later, they have assembled a staggering collection of contemporary art, from the likes of Sol Lewitt, Terry Winters, Nancy Graves, John Baldessari, Judy Pfaff, and Bob Arneson. This book highlights 133 works of art, the best of the Imagery collection. The images are big and lush, and accompanied by biographical sketches of the artists’ careers, as well as a short description of their individual ideas and methods. The pictorial index shows the works in their label-form, from 1985 to the most recent vintages. These images are evocations of wine’s multi-faceted ability to inspire us.

California Wine Country: Interior Design, Architecture, and Style

California Wine Country: Interior Design, Architecture, and Style

by Diane Dorrans Saeks

price: $9.95

The first book to celebrate Wine Country lifestyle and interiors, California Wine Country offers an intimate tour of the ease and elegance that prospers amidst the vineyards and lush hillsides of the California wine-growing regions. Best-selling style writer Diane Dorrans Saeks walks the personal, memorable, and inspiring homes and hideaways of more than twenty-five Wine Country homeowners — including an apple orchardist, a painter, a chef, an architect, and a gardener — as they enjoy the seasonal splendor of outdoor dining, vine-covered vistas, sun-dappled interiors, and the spectacular surroundings of a region where lifestyle marries landscape. One of the most popular travel destinations on the West Coast, the Sonoma-Napa countryside is esteemed for its natural beauty and casually luxurious way of life. Throughout the region, and from the Anderson Valley to the vineyards of Santa Barbara, uniquely decorated homes are treasured for their architecture, seclusion, and unparalleled setting. Saeks visits nearly thirty such houses, including a renovated farmhouse and barn; a rustic family home amidst a walnut orchard; and a dreamy lakeside “tent” home in Sonoma. With more than two hundred beautiful color photographs, California Wine Country brilliantly captures the spirit and flavor of the Wine Country way of life.