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Angela Hunter Geiss
artist, blogger

The paintings of Angela Hunter Geiss pay tribute to spiritual and ritual symbols in Hinduism and Buddhism. Take a look at her artist blog, the 113 Mandala Journey.

Jonna Ramey
sculptor, filmmaker and performance artist

Jonna Ramey is a stone sculptor, filmmaker, writer and performance artist of Northern California and Salt Lake City, Utah.

Barbara Aliza

Barbara Aliza utilizes a variety of natural and acrylic materials. Her work explores the complexity of surface, the beauty of imperfection and, ultimately, survival.

Sally Baker
artist, watercolorist

Sally Baker is a watercolor artist of Sebastopol, California. She received a B.A. from the University of Southern California, and taught fine arts at Healdsburg High School for 20 years before retirement. Her subject matter includes desert landscapes, and a still life series that focuses on Asian artifacts, kimonos and bamboo.

Anji Bartholf
textile artist

Anji Bartholf is an artist who weaves contemporary abstract tapestries on a six foot countermarche Cranbrook floor loom in her Sonoma studio. This slow, accumulative process imbues each piece with a sense of rhythms and cycles, of time and season, of growth and change.

Valerie Adams
glass artist

The artist Valerie Adams creates one-of-a-kind fused glass artwork and lighting, functional and decorative serving pieces, garden art and glass jewelry. A quote from the artist: “I’’m continually thrilled by the almost magical aspect of transforming glass from individual sharp bits into luscious design elements that beg to be touched.”

Steven Gandolfo
glass artist

Steven Gandolfo, in conjunction with Jean Salatino, creates Salatino-Gandolfo Glass. The studio offers custom hand blown glass vessels, hand carved glass and glass sculptures.

Jean Salatino
glass artist

Jean Salatino, in conjunction with Steven Gandolfo, creates Salatino-Gandolfo Glass. The studio offers custom hand blown glass vessels, hand carved glass and glass sculptures.

Monica Boettcher

Monica Boettcher is known for her kiln-fired art glass, and drawings using frit and powdered glass.

Vincent S. Malcolm
artist, sculptor

Vincent Malcolm is known for his original, handcarved sculptures on reclaimed California wood. He was born Jamaica and has been carving and whittling all of his life..

Mardi Storm
artist, sculptor

Mardi Storm is a west Sonoma artist who enjoys painting, nature photography, mixed media, and creating large scale sculpture that merges life with art. She also offers “soul painting” workshops for artists.

Kristel Phears
jewelry artist, photographer

Kristel Phears is an artist of fine jewelry and also a photographer, who has a store on Etsy and accepts custom orders for everyday or bridal occasions. Her favorite materials are gold, sterling, fine silver, gemstones, natural stones, copper, and crystal. She also creates fine art photography of the natural world.

Pat Meier-Johnson

Pat Meier-Johnson is a native of the San Francisco Bay Area and a fine artist of Sonoma County, painting with oils on linen panels. Her paintings depict scenes from around the world, and from everyday life in the northern California wine country. “It is my own selfish pleasure to create these paintings and my joy to share them with people who are moved by them.”

John Farnsworth

John Farnsworth is a landscape artist, painting with oils on canvas on location in Sonoma, Marin and Mendocino counties.

Phyllis Calvin Thomas

Phyllis Calvin Thomas paints Northern California and Sonoma landscapes. She often works with oil paints and a palette knife.

Thomas Creed

Thomas Creed creates California landscape paintings and murals in a traditional and realistic style.

Abigail Zimmerman
artist, blogger

Abigail Zimmerman is known for painting sensory impressions of California landscapes. She also keeps a blog about the food, wine and art of Sonoma, known as Abi’s Farmhouse Kitchen.

Bernadette Howard

Bernadette Howard is a contemporary artist known for her pastels, watercolors and oil paintings.

Bert Kaplan

Bert Kaplan is a Sonoma County artist whose paintings and pastel artwork is inspired by nature.

Chris Henry

Chris Henry is known for abstract painting using mixed media. He likes to tell a story through his paintings in a mysterious and kinetic manner.

David Kingwill

David Kingwill is an abstract artist from Sebastopol, California. He paints with bright acrylics on canvas.

Denise Leite

Denise Leite is a Petaluma artist that paints human figures in a surreal, circus like world. She calls it “psychological alchemy”.

George Dawnay

George Dawnay paints figures, portraits and murals. He began decorative mural painting in Italy working with Alexander Hamilton in the mid-1990′s. George’s murals now grace buildings in Larkspur, Tiburon, Monterey, and Sonoma.

Irene Guidici  Ehret

Irene Guidici Ehret is a watercolor artist who was born and grew up in the small town of Angels Camp, California. She teaches classes in intermediate and advanced watercolor, and nature journaling. She is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of California at Berkeley. She has had one-woman shows in Maryland, Italy, Rhode Island, Virginia, and California.

Joan January

Joan January is a Sonoma County painter, interested in mixed media and music interpretations. She intermingles abstract and realistic painting approaches.

Joan Shepherd

Joan Shepherd is a mixed-media artist, often assembling her work from found objects.

Karina Nishi Marcus
Nishi Studio

Karina Nishi Marcus is known for her expressionist and abstract art. Look for the Nishi Studio in Sebastopol, California.

Lauri Luck

Lauri Luck is known for her drawings, paintings and art notes.

Linda Ortiz
artist, art educator, sculptor

Linda Ortiz is known for her Southwestern American art themes.

Lucy Martin

Lucy Martin creates watercolor paintings, mushroom paintings, and mushroom prints, “burnt landscapes”, and bird art.