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Diana Lee
artist, etcher

Diana Lee (died 2016) created fine art scratchboard renderings, and taught for the International Society of Scratchboard Artists. Her etchings are on white kaolin clay (porcelain) and sprayed with a layer of thin black ink.

Lee also wrote the book Starting From Scratchabout her techniques with black and white and color scratchboaring.

Erik Paul
printmaker, etcher

Erik Paul is known for pop art painting as well as printmaking, etchings and block prints. He has a background in graphic design and sign making, and incorporates sign making techniques into his art, to develop printmaking in novel ways.

Willow LaLand-Yeilding

Willow LaLand-Yeiling specializes in realistic oil paintings, and fauve wine-themed pieces. She works in acrylics, oils, watercolor, pen and ink, etchings and graphite.