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Anne Regan is a Sonoma County mixed media artist and painter, known for painting wildlife on granite and bicycle collages.

Audrey Von Hawley
Sonoma Collage Studio

Audrey Von Hawley is a collage artist, and featured in the book on the Sonoma Collage Studio, Living Into Art: Journeys Through Collage by Lindsay Whitings.

Barbara Crow

Barbara Crow is an artist of abstracts, gestural paintings and mixed media collages.  She has a B.A. in Art History from George Washington University, and has studied at the SOMA School of Art, San Francisco.

Barbara Jacobsen
Sonoma Collage Studio

Barbara Jacobsen is a collage artist and painter. She developed what she calls a journeybook, which is a series of collages pasted into old books. She also collaborates and mentors a group of collage artists, and their story is chronicled in the book Living Into Art: Journeys Through Collage by Lindsay Whitings.


Beth Changstrom works include painting, drawing, pottery, mixed media and collage.

Carolyn Wilson

Carolyn Wilson specializes in watercolor, collage and mixed media.

Colin Talcroft
artist, photographer

Colin Talcroft is an artist and photographer known for assemblage, collage, found object art, and monoprints.

Elizabeth Peyton

Elizabeth Peyton creates drawings, mixed media, botanicals, collages and watercolor paintings.

Gerald  Huth

Gerald Huth is an expressionist artist and works with collages, paintings, sculptures. A quote from the artist: “The role of the artist is to fulfill the human expression of the time in which we live.”

Kirk Hinshaw

Kirk Hinshaw is a collage artist who comes from rural North Carolina, with a whimsical and dreamlike art style. He attended art schools in Richmond, Virginia, and the San Francisco Art Institute, California. He is active in the Arts Guild of Sonoma.

Maria-Esther Sund

Maria-Esther Sund is known for her mixed media art, creative paintings and collages. Before settling in Northern California, she was born and raised in El Salvador, and studied art at Simmons College in Boston, MA and La Universidad de Las Americas in Puebla, Mexico.

Marsha Connell

Marsha Connell is “a Northern California artist known for her colorful and expressive landscape paintings, oils, watercolors and pastels, and her evocative Dream Vessels collages.” She is also an Adjunct Professor in the art department of Santa Rosa Junior College, and Associate Professor in Sonoma State University’s Depth Psychology Masters Program.

Mary McCrystal
Soul Fire Studio
artist, art teacher

Mary McCrystal is a Sonoma County artist who enjoys making collages and acrylic and wax painting on canvas and wood panels. A quote from the artist: “Creating art becomes a sacred practice, it is supremely reciprocal in its intentionality, and it is an honor to participate in such a mythic journey.”

Nina Bonos

Nina Bonos creates watercolors, mixed media collages of wine country landscapes and Judaica. She also offers art prints and greeting cards.

Paula L. Peterson

Paula Peterson is active in painting, drawing, collages and mosaics. She shares her travel journal and mixed media meditations on her website.

Rae Ann Williams

Rae Ann Williams is Sonoma County artist. Her primary focus is watercolor, but she also is interested in collages.

Roberta S. Alexander

Roberta S. Alexandra lives concurrently in Sonoma County, California and London, England. She is known for mixed media paintings, emphasizing encaustic and water-based collages.

Susan Cornelis

Susan Cornelis is known for her watermedia paintings, and is interested in collage, story, and meditation. She also offers mixed media painting workshops from her Sebastopol art studio.

Susan Sohl

Susan Sohl (1945-2020) was known for her watercolors and collages made of  Gesso, watercolors, torn papers, and acrylic inks. “I focus on individual expression and the development of a personal visual language.” In her Artist Statement, she wrote: “I am a curious person… My paintings reflect this intellectual and artistic curiosity…. The way I work with collage, for example, developed after months of experiments with gesso, watercolors, torn papers, and acrylic inks. No-one taught me how to create figures from paper and paste, but I struggled until I had the desired result. The Muse Series was the result.” About teaching art, she wrote: ” I focus on individual expression and the development of a personal visual language.”

Suzanne Jacquot

Suzanne Jacquot, MFA, is a professional abstract painter and teacher in Sonoma County as well as co-owner at She shows her art locally as well as nationally as well as teaches abstract art workshops at her new large studio in Sebastopol and Online. A quote from the artist: “I find that there is a vastness of life that calls to be expressed….I am exploring my own inner visual language through gestural mark making and abstract expressionism.”