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M.C. Carolyn

M.C. Carolyn is a Sonoma County artist known for her stone sculptures, painting in oils, acrylics and mixed mediums, mixed media artwork on paper, and public art commissions. A quote: “Starting with the human figure and then moving beyond it’s traditional shapes I explore the possibilities of not being predictable, nor violent but always speaking visually of the human condition.”  M.C. has a BA in Painting from the University of California at Berkeley,  graduate studies at the San Francisco Art Institute, and researched abroad  on Prehistoric, Copper Age, Bronze Age art, temples and tombs.

Paula L. Peterson

Paula Peterson is active in painting, drawing, collages and mosaics. She shares her travel journal and mixed media meditations on her website.

Sophie Acheson

Sophie Acheson works primarily in printmaking, handmade papers and the book arts. Her miniature gold leaf paintings are created with oil paint and 23K gold leaf on dyed handmade paper.

Donna  Ahlstrand
Uppity Designs
gourd artist,crafts and jewelry

Donna Ahlstrand has been creating art gourds for over ten years. She also creates bright and fun clay jewelry, Dreamcatchers, and other crafts for the home.

Don Ajello

The Sonoma County artist Don Ajello creates sculptures in bronze and wood, ceramics, and mixed media art.

Roberta S. Alexander

Roberta S. Alexandra lives concurrently in Sonoma County, California and London, England. She is known for mixed media paintings, emphasizing encaustic and water-based collages.

Patrick Amiot
artist, sculptor

Patrick Amiot is a Sebastopol sculptor and metal artist who uses found objects to create whimsical sculpture “junk art”. Many are on display in the downtown streets of Sebastopol. In fact his work has become one of Sebastopol’s tourist attractions. Before taking up junk art, Patrick was a ceramic artist.

Nina Bonos

Nina Bonos creates watercolors, mixed media collages of wine country landscapes and Judaica. She also offers art prints and greeting cards.

Teresa Camozzi
sculptor, artist

Teresa Camozzi creates mixed media and resin sculptures, that are intriguing, colorful, and evocative of the cycles of nature.

Beth Changstrom

Beth Changstrom works include painting, drawing, pottery, mixed media and collage.

Lorraine Chapman

Lorraine Chapman creates paintings on silk, mixed media art, botanicals and encaustic paintings.

Marsha Connell

Marsha Connell is “a Northern California artist known for her colorful and expressive landscape paintings, oils, watercolors and pastels, and her evocative Dream Vessels collages.” She is also an Adjunct Professor in the art department of Santa Rosa Junior College, and Associate Professor in Sonoma State University’s Depth Psychology Masters Program.

Susan Cornelis

Susan Cornelis is known for her watermedia paintings, and is interested in collage, story, and meditation. She also offers mixed media painting workshops from her Sebastopol art studio.

Barbara Crow

Barbara Crow is an artist of abstracts, gestural paintings and mixed media collages.  She has a B.A. in Art History from George Washington University, and has studied at the SOMA School of Art, San Francisco.

Marylu Downing

Marylu Downing creates mixed media artworks that have colorful, contemporary and enhanced narratives.

Dee Dushkes

Dee Dushke is an artist who creates oil paintings, prints, portraiture and mixed media. She has a B.F.A. in Painting from Sonoma State University, California.

Suzanne Edminster
Saltwork Studio

Suzanne Edminster, artist of Saltwork Studio, is known for her abstract paintings, mixed media, studio events, and an art blog.

Christine Gonzalves
artist, jewelry artist

Christine Gonzalves has been a Sonoma Valley resident, jewelry artist and mixed media artist since the early 1970’s. She is currently the President of the Arts Guild of Sonoma. Christine’s roots are in photography and ceramics. She works with encaustics, etched metals, cast silver, textiles and precious stones. Her art can be found year round at the Sonoma Art Guild off the Sonoma Plaza.

Susan Heeringa-Pieper

Susan Heeringa-Pieper uses a combination of mixed media including bees wax, wire, found objects, and oil and acrylic paints. She holds a degree in art is from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, with an associate degree in graphic arts.

Her work can be viewed at the Arts Guild of Sonoma, the Rhapsody in downtown Sonoma, and the Barking Dog in Boyes Hot Springs.

Chris Henry

Chris Henry is known for abstract painting using mixed media. He likes to tell a story through his paintings in a mysterious and kinetic manner.

Kirk Hinshaw

Kirk Hinshaw is a collage artist who comes from rural North Carolina, with a whimsical and dreamlike art style. He attended art schools in Richmond, Virginia, and the San Francisco Art Institute, California. He is active in the Arts Guild of Sonoma.

Laura Hoffman
artist, art educator

The Sonoma artist Laura Hoffman works in oil painting and mixed media and uses playful lines, symbols and colors to depict women. Laura has a MA in Education from the University of San Francisco, and BFA in Painting from the San Francisco Art Institute.

Gerald  Huth

Gerald Huth is an expressionist artist and works with collages, paintings, sculptures. A quote from the artist: “The role of the artist is to fulfill the human expression of the time in which we live.”

Barbara jacobs

Barbara Jacobs is known for drawing, painting in a variety of media, pastels, digital art, monotypes, and mixed media. Her fine art and her designs range from the ‘painterly’ to more structured, sometimes including historic or intercultural design references or whimsical motifs.

Barbara Jacobsen
Sonoma Collage Studio

Barbara Jacobsen is a collage artist and painter. She developed what she calls a journeybook, which is a series of collages pasted into old books. She also collaborates and mentors a group of collage artists, and their story is chronicled in the book Living Into Art: Journeys Through Collage by Lindsay Whitings.

Suzanne Jacquot

Suzanne Jacquot, MFA, is a professional abstract painter and teacher in Sonoma County as well as co-owner at She shows her art locally as well as nationally as well as teaches abstract art workshops at her new large studio in Sebastopol and Online. A quote from the artist: “I find that there is a vastness of life that calls to be expressed….I am exploring my own inner visual language through gestural mark making and abstract expressionism.”

Joan January

Joan January is a Sonoma County painter, interested in mixed media and music interpretations. She intermingles abstract and realistic painting approaches.

Cat Kaufman

The artist Cat Kaufman works with assemblage, found objects, and mixed media. She is a part of the SOFA Arts district in Santa Rosa and Art Trails. A quote from the artist: “Metal is strength, yet rust is vulnerable. Wood is both nature and manufacture.”

Diana Majumdar
mixed media artist

Diana Majumdar is known for encaustic and mixed media artwork, inspired by nature. She was born and raised in Estonia, before settling in Sonoma County.

Brian Martinelli
artist, sculptor

Brian Martinelli is a mixed-media artist who specializes in sculpture, particularly metal fabrication. He often uses recycled steel as a foundation for his work, using the metal as a framework or skeleton for other media.