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Irene Rowley

Irene Rowley began this website and writes a blog, to promote the fine artists of Sonoma County. She is a fine artist, painter and illustrator, who grew up oil pointing, acrylic painting and drawing landscapes and portraiture<. Irene has a B.A. in English and Studio Art from the University of California, Davis and works in web development and creative services. Irene simply loves art! Sonoma County is a beautiful place to paint!

Jackie Lee

Jackie Lee draws with pen and ink, and paints “free form” landscapes, wildlife and pet portraits, and still life compositions.

M.C. Carolyn

M.C. Carolyn is a Sonoma County artist known for her stone sculptures, painting in oils, acrylics and mixed mediums, mixed media artwork on paper, and public art commissions. A quote: “Starting with the human figure and then moving beyond it’s traditional shapes I explore the possibilities of not being predictable, nor violent but always speaking visually of the human condition.”  M.C. has a BA in Painting from the University of California at Berkeley,  graduate studies at the San Francisco Art Institute, and researched abroad  on Prehistoric, Copper Age, Bronze Age art, temples and tombs.

Paula L. Peterson

Paula Peterson is active in painting, drawing, collages and mosaics. She shares her travel journal and mixed media meditations on her website.

Susan Greer

Susan Greer is a plein air artist and currently serves on the Steering Committee for the Arts Council of Sonoma County. She has also served on the Art Trails steering committee and the Sonoma County Museum Board. “I love exploring the transient light of California coastal lands, and ways in which the ordinary become extraordinary with each passing hour. I paint out-of-doors, or plein air, whenever possible.”

Abigail Zimmerman
artist, blogger

Abigail Zimmerman is known for painting sensory impressions of California landscapes. She also keeps a blog about the food, wine and art of Sonoma, known as Abi’s Farmhouse Kitchen.

Angela Hunter Geiss
artist, blogger

The paintings of Angela Hunter Geiss pay tribute to spiritual and ritual symbols in Hinduism and Buddhism. Take a look at her artist blog, the 113 Mandala Journey.

Anina Porter Fuller

Artist Anina Porter Fuller comes from an artistic family on the East Coast, that includes the painter Fairfield Porter and photographer Eliot Porter (her uncles and mentors), and the poet Anne Porter. Anina resides in Sonoma County and specializes in oil painting directly from nature. She also leads Art Week trips each summer to the Great Spruce Head Island, Maine.

Ann Hollister
artist, calligrapher

Ann Hollister combines watercolor, acrylic and calligraphy into her paintings. Her style can be abstract and dreamlike. Formerly she was a commercial artist.

Anne Regan

Anne Regan is a Sonoma County mixed media artist and painter, known for painting wildlife on granite and bicycle collages.

Barbara Aliza

Barbara Aliza utilizes a variety of natural and acrylic materials. Her work explores the complexity of surface, the beauty of imperfection and, ultimately, survival.

Barbara Crow

Barbara Crow is an artist of abstracts, gestural paintings and mixed media collages.  She has a B.A. in Art History from George Washington University, and has studied at the SOMA School of Art, San Francisco.

Barbara Giles

The artist Barbara Giles creates colorful and abstract fine art and note cards. She likes to work with acrylic paint, gouache, graphite and ink, on wood panel, canvas, and paper.

Barbara jacobs

Barbara Jacobs is known for drawing, painting in a variety of media, pastels, digital art, monotypes, and mixed media. Her fine art and her designs range from the ‘painterly’ to more structured, sometimes including historic or intercultural design references or whimsical motifs.

Barbara Kelley
Moon Catcher Studios
artist, printmaker

Barbara Kelley is known for printmaking, monoprints, engravings, oil paintings, and encaustics. She owns and works from the Moon Catcher Studios at The Sea Ranch and Santa Rosa, California.

Bernadette Howard

Bernadette Howard is a contemporary artist known for her pastels, watercolors and oil paintings.

Bert Kaplan

Bert Kaplan is a Sonoma County artist whose paintings and pastel artwork is inspired by nature.

Beth Changstrom

Beth Changstrom works include painting, drawing, pottery, mixed media and collage.

Bill Gittins

The Sonoma County artist Bill Gittins paints both in plein air and in the studio using acrylics and oils. “Bill is primarily a painter of land, water and sky.”

Brooks Anderson

Brooks Anderson is a painter of large-scale landscapes, cloudscapes, seascapes and abstracts, and has painted in Los Angeles, Maine and the south of France. He resides now in Sonoma County. His work can be found in numerous collections, including the Philbrook Museum in Tulsa. He has a B.F.A. from California State University

Caitlyn McCarthy

Sonoma artist Caitlin McCarthy creates original drawings of mythic, Celtic and romantic subjects.

Carole Rae Watanabe

Carole Rae Watanabe paints in an energetic and impressionist style. Her paintings are often featured on the wine labels of Artiste Winery in the Santa Inez Valley California, and Atascadero Creek Winery in Sonoma County. She has also written the book, The Ecstatic Marriage of Life and Art.

Carole Watanabe, The Ecstatic Marriage of Life and Art

Caroline Hipkiss

Caroline Hipkiss is an artist from Sonoma, California who paints with acrylic paint on birch mounted to wood frames. Caroline received her BA from the University of California at Santa Cruz with a concentration in Scientific Illustration. Her subject matters include the natural world, people, buildings, foods and other nonscientific images.

Carolyn Wilson

Carolyn Wilson specializes in watercolor, collage and mixed media.

Cecilia Hallinan
artist, sculptor

Cecilia Hallinan is noted for representational oil paintings and abstracts. Her work draws from the events of everyday observations

Cedora Scheiblich

Cedora Scheiblich (1920-2011) loved to paint in oil, pastel, watercolor, and gouache. A long-time resident of Sonoma Valley, she painted the landscapes of region, and scenes of the Northwest. She was also an art instructor and a founding member of the Valley of the Moon Art Association.

Celene Ryan

Celene Ryan is a watercolorist who paints the details of nature, flora and fauna.

Celeste Goodwin

Celeste’s primary mediums are charcoal and watercolor, and her water art features expressive, fluid and feminine forms. Born and raised in Northern California, Celeste has also organized the Artists of Sonoma Facebook site. Check it out!

Charles Beck

Charles Beck paints Sonoma landscapes, the coasts of Northern California, orchards and vineyards. He works with oil paints and watercolor.

Chris Henry

Chris Henry is known for abstract painting using mixed media. He likes to tell a story through his paintings in a mysterious and kinetic manner.