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Marguerite Wildenhein

Marguerite Wildenhein
ceramic artist, potter, author

Marguerite (Friedlaender) Wildenhain (1896 – 1985) was a French-born, German and later American ceramic artist, art teacher and author. Due to her Jewish ancestry in World War II, she was compelled to emigrate to the U.S. in 1940, and found her way to Sonoma County. She began to conduct summer pottery workshops at Pond Farm, her home and studio near Guerneville, California. She became a founding teacher of the Pond Farm Artist Colony. Her husband  Franz Wildenhain was also a well-known artist in the colony. Marguerite wrote three influential books: Pottery: Form and Expression (1959), The Invisible Core: A Potter’s Life and Thoughts (1973), and …that We Look and See: An Admirer Looks at the Indians (1979).*

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